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Gearbox Repair

Atlanta Gear Works started in 1988 repairing and rebuilding paper mill gearboxes. Since then we have continued to add services and capabilities to better serve our customers in all industries.

We have the expertise and experience to rebuild all of your gearboxes. We focus on improving components to equal or better quality and will repair and reverse engineer parts for all gearboxes.

Typical Brands Repaired:

  • Falk Gearbox
  • Flender Gearbox
  • Foote Jones Gearbox
  • Philadelphia Gear Gearbox
  • Western Gearbox
  • Beloit Gearbox
  • Black Clawson Gearbox
  • Horsburgh and Scott Gearbox
  • Amarillo Gearbox
  • Hansen Gearbox
  • Lightnin Gearbox
  • Lufkin Gearbox
  • Marley Gearbox
  • Sumitomo Gearbox
  • Dodge Gearbox
  • Elliott Gearbox
  • Link-Belt Gearbox
  • Danieli Gearbox
  • Nuttall Gearbox
  • Santasalo Gearbox
  • SEW Eurodrive Gearbox
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